Famous Navnathi Sadhana – 2 (Nathpanthi Yog Meditation – 2) – Step by step

Vairagya subconsciousness and nirguna devotion both are of extraordinarily important. Sadguru Gorakshnath created 84000 Nath followers for the spread of Nathpanth. He explained the difference between sadhak – sanyasi – yogi with the help of meditation of self realization.

Explaining the meaning of “Real Monk” in Nathapanth ; explaining  the meaning of “Introvert monk” and “extrovert monk” In fact, in all the Shabari mantraa, we declare a subline verse like the word “Shabd sacha pind sacha ; chale mantra eshwari bacha”.

In the Ashtanga Yoga, Yama, Niyam, Sayyam, Diet, Pranayama, Meditation, Dhaarana, Samadhi, have been published in details by the Nath followers. The meditation, the perception and the Samadhi phase of the above Ashtanga Yoga are to be initiative segments in the form of enlightenment of nath yogi.

Today, I am explaining one of the best nathpanth yog meditiation ; will be easy for the people who are doing a day job . However, it is mandatory to remain a pure vegetarian and holy in spiritual time period.

Important note –

Although the Sadguru maharaj explained the second act of the three meditation processes, it is necessary for readers and seekers to adopt the act only for self-defense. If you have any questions please contact directly.

Meditation and Rituals –

Wake up early in the morning. Tide up If you want to follow the habit, you can take tea/coffee. Then sit on your bed with back support and relax your body. Imagine that you are sitting on the bank of the river. Then meditate on the five body elements (earth, water, fire, air, and sky) in your body, and they are placed on the edge of the river. The body was formed by adequate mixture on pinnacle. Now give importance to this idea that it is not looking a body but only 5 elements.

Only when these elements are mixed in a certain way, World and body seens are created. Now you will remain to this five elements only. The world concept is now over. The reason for the world is now becoming illuminated.

Now, according to the Upanishad theory, the earth has been created from the water, so merge the element of the earth to water. Like same merge water element in fire. Make a fire in the sky and the sky in the sky so that your subconsciousness is just looking at the sky. It is a principle to follow exactly without any change to it. Like this theory, you are now just a skyline. Now try to obliterate this skyline too. It is very difficult to do.

At this situation we need Sadhguru blessings. Many seekers leap up to the skyline but the next speed is not achieved due to the desired darkness. The object of axiom is in equilibrium between the essence, the state and its nature. This resource has mentioned how to go to sky elements. For this, the seeker must surrender to Sadguru Maharaj at his lotus feet.

The disappearance of material objects completely is very difficult in the background of human intellectual level. Sky element in spiritual life is said to be the home of our soul. To get rid of the skyline, take control of your self-knowledge on soulistic importance …!

Once the self-realization was awakened, the self-consciousness of the subconsciousness of the soul is gradually acting in the light of the state. It is very important to awaken Bhagavatmya inner subconsciousness in order to overcome the skyline ! It is not that easy to get control over body in short time practice.

Before coming out of this meditation, first focus on your breath. Then, thankful to Sadguru Maharaj for his blessing. Rush both hands to heat ; touch to ears , touching the eyes and forehead with the energy produced. Then open the eyes slowly.

First of all, take this meditation for 20 minutes. Gradually slow practice. If you have any questions, please contact directly.

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