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God’s place in our Home and Five God integrated Adhishtan – 2

All beneficial and positive spirits related to mankind like vastu purush, chief purush of Family, Land protectors and Goddess kuldevata can only spread blessing upon us ; only because of one reason i.e. Firstly Our gratitude to Sadguru Maharaj and as per his acceptance. It means to surrender ourselves throughout to his lotus feet. It can be considered as a Nirguna form of Bhakti marg. In Saguna Form ; you need concrete structural proposition in form of God’s home in your house with five god integrated adhishtan.

For positive intuitions and vibrant energy level sadhak must have adhishtan establishment in his house. Misconceptions in god’s place in house results in conflicting environment in family members. So  Right steps toward proper god’s place integration must be initiated.

How not to be God’s place in our House ?

Five God Adhishtan is the only way to bring divine and eternal energy flow in our house. Real God’s temple Structure is lost today. As human spiritual body consisting Soul and jivaa ; continuously operates our materialistic body on daily basis without any obstacles ; In same way our God’s place in House reacts like a soul of mental, physical, financial, social and spiritual environment. For better enhancement in positive atmosphere in our house proper God place must be constructed in well manner. Its our spiritual responsibility for present and future protection of our belongings for more secure overall life spans.

As per my past inspections in various god places ; I have observed irrelevant and irregular methods of prayers with non – vedic, nonstructural worshiping ; showed consequences of Poverty, difficulties in living, unrest, intimacy, black temperament, pessimistic behavior and lack of consciousness etc. Such a mountain of sadness gets overlapped over human destiny ; destroying all happiness and joy of natural well being. 

In order to avoid negative impact of wrongly constructed God place. We are providing brief information as follows… 

  • 1. Avoid wooden framed temple.
  • 2. Avoid six corners to Gods temple frame.
  • 3. Avoid metallic temple frames too. It neutralizes cosmic energy flow to the ground vertically.
  • 4. Do not bring any attractive god images or statues to your House God place from anywhere else.
  • 5. For god clothes ; Use only red color on daily retinue.
  • 6. Height of statue of god must not be more then 4″ inches. 
  • 7. Do not grab collections of unwanted statues and images of god and goddess.
  • 8. God place must be constructed on zero ground level. With this power upliftment becomes easier. 
  • 9. Avoid roof top to god temple.
  • 10. Do not hang up God temple on any side wall.

Five God adhishtan

Five God adhistan is highly significant in creating holistic and prosperous environment in our family premises. This is one of the important yog factor considered as per directions or doors of invisible spiritual world. As per following Five God incarnations are involved in integration.

  • 1. Lord Shree Ganapatee 
  • 2. Lord Shiv ( Shiv lingam )
  • 3. Lord Shree Krishna as a child
  • 4. Goddess Bhagawati Annapurna Mata.
  • 5. Lord Sadgurunath Dattatreya Swami Maharaj 

With respect to above Five God integration ; Shree Krishna and Goddess Annapurna mata metallic form statue is mainly received by newly married bride family. Lord Ganapatee, Shiv lingam and Sadguru maharaj gratitude and worshiping must be accompanied by groom side family members. This is a initial level of soulistic balancing for blessed human life.

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